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copper serving dishes for sale

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copper serving dishes specificationscopper serving dishes on the market

In the not-so-distant past, the use of copper to produce utensils was so common that copper utensils were recognized as a valuable part of the dowry of ready-to-marry girls.

Good thermal conductivity and the ability to repair copper utensils are the advantages of these utensils and the high price and weight are the disadvantages of these utensils; In recent years, more than any other container, copper serving dishes have caused controversy in the country’s health arena, and under the banner of opposition or agreement with these utensils, many people have been torn apart, but the public’s share in this uproar has increased.

We honestly say that unfortunately, both groups have gone to extremes; A summary of the copper utensils is as follows.

copper serving dishes for sale

copper serving dishes specifications

copper serving dishes specifications Containers are very important in the taste of food and it is one of the most important and effective factors in the success of cooking. copper serving utensils have been used for cooking since ancient times. Today, the use of these dishes has become popular due to its many properties.

With the re-emergence of copper utensils, a number of profiteers introduced counterfeit copper serving set into the market to attract their profits. These containers are made of an alloy of copper and brass metal in a ratio of one to two.

Most of the original copper utensils are produced in Zanjan, which is red and transparent, but the color of the counterfeit utensils is yellowish and has more impurities. Experienced and old blacksmiths can distinguish genuine copper utensils from counterfeit ones, so buy this type of utensils from reputable centers.

copper serving dishes on the market

copper serving dishes on the market The main distribution center of copper utensils produced by Zanjan coppersmiths is done online on this site. Copper utensils produced in Zanjan are several hundred years old. Zanjan copper utensils are the first in the country in terms of quality and beauty. Copper utensils Zanjan has found many fans all over Iran today, so there are large Zanjan copper shops in different cities that offer the original copper utensils of Zanjan. our company believes in providing good quality copper utensils to its customers at a reasonable price. And our priority is customer satisfaction. This site has continued to work with your presence. And for this purpose, to buy the copper utensils that customers like at wholesale and cheap prices. The copper utensils offered include decorative, decorative and catering copper utensils. So ask us for new copper utensils. And the variety of copper utensils on this site has been high, and with any taste, you can ask us for your favorite copper utensils.

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Araz Collection  invite you for buy the best product Zanjan knife & Copper handicrafts.

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